I’m a professional photographer based in Ottawa, Canada, and I’ve been capturing weddings & elopements full time since 2017. My journey started off back in my childhood where I spent most of my time creating videos of my friends skateboarding and snowboarding. From there, I went on to take a multimedia program at Algonquin College before ultimately switching over to the photography program in 2013 (probably one of the best decisions of my life).

After graduating in 2015 with honors, a slick portfolio, and a few awards in my pocket - I pretty much had no idea what I wanted to do with photography. I jumped right into the industry and eventually had a handful of second shooter gigs under my belt. When the opportunity to shoot a wedding on my own came up, I decided to give it a shot! I photographed my first wedding in the fall of 2016 and the rest is history.

I fell in love with all of the different types of photography involved with a wedding; photojournalism, portraiture, food, fashion, landscape. I also fell in love with the places and the people, two things that all weddings have in common, yet are different every time. Since that first wedding, I’ve had the opportunity to capture love stories in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, New Zealand, and most recently Greece.

A few things I love: Dogs (and taking pictures of them), travelling, concerts, golden sunlight, riding my bike, summers at the cottage, craft beer, and chicken burgers.


When it comes to capturing a wedding day, my approach is film & fine art inspired. You’ve most likely seen those words somewhere on my website by now; film, fine art, and inspired. But what do those words really mean, and why do I use them? There was a period in my photographic journey where I shot all of my personal work on film, with medium format being the preferred platform for its distinctive “look and feel”.

Something about the way a photo is rendered on medium format film is impossible to reproduce in any other way. Something about the tangible nature of film photography, all the dust, grain, and little imperfections, it really invoked a sense of nostalgia for me. That nostalgia is now something that I try to instill in my photography, as a way for you to relive all of the moments and emotions of your wedding day whenever you revisit your own photos. Why don’t I just shoot weddings on film? Well, I’d love to, but film does have it’s technical limits and isn’t the most practical for the way I like to work.

The fine art aspect of my approach is in relation to the level of quality that I strive to achieve with every photo I take. Something different, artistic, intentional. While I don’t claim to be a film photographer or have a degree in the fine arts, I simply draw inspiration from each to weave into my work.


Adventurous and easy-going, passionate and down-to-earth, unique and in love. The couples that I connect best with share a mutual love for things like travel, the outdoors, weekend adventures, good food & drinks. Couples who are open-minded, up for trying something new, down to have a good time, and most importantly are excited beyond words to create moments and memories that they’ll cherish forever.



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Do you travel?

Absolutely! Destination wedding & elopement photography packages will receive a custom quote. All local wedding & elopement photography packages include up to 100KM of travel from downtown Ottawa (round trip). Any additional travel is charged based on a rate of $1.50/KM.

How would you define your style?

Intimate, authentic, artistic, and inspired by the nostalgic look and feel of film photography.

What equipment do you use?

I shoot with two Canon R6's; a full-frame mirrorless camera. I use an assortment of Canon and Sigma prime lenses with different focal lengths such as 35mm, 50mm, 85mm and 135mm. For lighting, I like to use an on-camera flash.

Will there be two photographers?

No, but a second photographer is always available as an add-on for any of my wedding packages.

Are you available year-round?

For the time being, I'm currently not accepting any wedding & elopement requests for the following months: January, February, March, and April. I also won't be available for any engagement & lifestyle sessions during these same months.

Do you offer smaller packages?

Absolutely, I offer partial day packages that range from 2-4 hours of coverage.

Will the final images be edited?

Yes! Every single image you receive will be edited; cropped to a print-friendly aspect ratio, straightened, exposure & colour corrected, and some light retouching when needed. If more intensive editing is requested, then additional fees may be applicable depending on the details of the request.

Do we get a sneak peek?

Yes! You will receive a handful of sneak peek photos within 1-2 weeks of your wedding.

When will our photos be ready?

My turnaround time for delivering wedding galleries is within 4-8 weeks of the date of your wedding. Galleries for engagement & lifestyle sessions are usually delivered within 1-2 weeks.

How will we receive our images?

Once your photos are ready, I will email you to let you know. Inside that email, there will be a link to your very own password protected online viewing gallery where you can download all of the photos at once or individually, both options in either high-res (print ready) or low-res (web ready) digital files.

Are our images safe?

Safe 5 times over, to be exact. Along with the hard drive I work off of, I also backup all photos onto 3 separate hard drives, plus an online copy.

Do you offer any printing services?

Yes! You can order various types of prints and sizes directly from your online viewing gallery. Unfortunately for the time being, I'm not offering any album design or printing services. However, you're more than free to take your digital files and create an album yourself via any online service such as Blurb, Lifethreads Albums, etc.

Will you be posting images online?

Yes, I will likely share some of your photos on my website or Instagram account. However, if this is an issue for you, just give me a heads up! I completely respect any privacy wishes from my clients.

What info do you need from us?

Usually a couple of weeks or so before your wedding date I will ask for a full day itinerary (or at least a detailed timeline) and a list of the different family group shots. This itinerary or timeline should include start times, addresses, contact information, any photographic restrictions, etc. If no family group shot list is provided, then we’ll just go with the flow!